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Glock Backplate Full Auto Selector Switch stainless steel material(Shipped within 24 hours)


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Full auto switch would convert all models of glock pistols to "Full Auto." The device operates by applying force to the trigger bar to prevent it from limiting the weapon to firing only one round each time the trigger is depressed.

Switch product material and adaptabllity: Aluminum + steel, used for G17-41gen1-4, gen 5 generation can be used with a simple modification.

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    We ensure that the logistics information of products shipped to worldwide is safe and confidential

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    Package Weight:21.5g
    Package Width: 3cm
    Package Height: 1.5cm
    Package Length: 5 cm

    Automatic select switch for G17, G19, G22, G 23, G26,G43 and so on.
    Aluminum alloy construction .
    Swim from semire automatic to fall, automatic firing made with the fire selector, Rate of fire: 20 rounds/second.GLOCK G18 and G18C. Full-automatic in 9mm Luger

    Specification :
    Material: Aluminum alloy
    Size: 18.6*15*14.2mm/0.7*0.6*0.5in
    Package weight: 17g/0.6oz


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